License summary

Yacdiff is a free software (GPL or Perl License), distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY of ANY KIND. You may enjoy using it at your OWN RISKS.

What is Yacdiff ?

Yacdiff : Yet Another Code diff tool

Yacdiff is a tool to help progammers to identify the differences between code source files. The differences are usually displayed with lines side by side (as sdiff). The differences are colored to help a fast reading. The colorisation may take in account the comment context. Thus, differences in a comment are shown in an other way than differences in standart code. In the same way, when a line only differs from the other with whitspace characters, this difference is displayed in an other way.

Yacdiff can display the code differences using few formats:

Yacdiff support a various set of forms of langage comment:

Yacdiff behaviour is controled by multiple options (please look at yacdiff manpage

N.B.: The colorisation can be controled thanks to a configuration file (or thanks to a css stylesheet by using special options).

Result samples

I hope the next examples should give you an idea of yacdiff capabilities faster than a long explanation.


Yacdiff has been used sucessfully on linux (debian). As it is a perl script it may work on other *NIX systems and maybe on other systems but I am not an expert on perl portability. If you are, please recommend me some modifications to enhance portability.

Yacdiff use various perl modules most of them should be present on standart distribution.

It requires also Algorithm::Diff 1.19_01. This module (written by Ned Konz, Tye MacQueen and Mark-Jonson Domninus ...) and the other modules can be found on

Yacdiff uses a diff tool like GNU diff (written by Paul Eggert, Mike Haertel, David Hayes, Richard Stallman and Len Tower ...).



For more details please look at yacdiff man page Logo